Buy Back Program


  • Buy a Register Santa Gertrudis Bull or a 5 Star Bull from Five Oaks Farm
  • Have a Defined breeding season (either Spring or Fall)
  • Use Vac 45 program:
    • doses 7-way, 8-way or 9-way Clostridial.
    • 2 doses viral 5-way (IBR, PI3, BRSV and BVD Type I and II). Booster per label instructions. The IBR and PI3 components must be chemically altered modified live or modified live with veterinarian’s approval. The BVD and BRSV can be either modified live or killed.
    • 1 dose Pasteurella Haemolytica and/or Pasteurella Multocida prior to or at weaning and booster per label instructions.
    • Internal and External parasite control recommended.
  • Weaned and bunk feed broke.

Doing all this we will pay $.05 up to $.10 more than what you would get at auction barn. The seller and Five Oaks Farm will pick the auction barn to use that week for base pricing. As long as you use Five Oaks Farm bulls, we will offer this program. You could be subject to DNA testing to verify you are using Five Oaks Farm bulls. We will be using these calves for our Custom Beef Operation.

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