Custom Beef


All payments for the processing of the finished beef cattle will need to be made directly to the processor.

After some thought we have decided to make our price on Live Weight at $2.50. Effective February 1, 2023 (We want to help families that are getting hit hard by the way things are going. Our customers have help us and we want to help them.)

We will gladly take the check to them when we pick up your processed Beef as we pick it up as part of our service.

For more information about our meat processor or questions, please visit:
Light Hill Meats Processing

Know Your Cuts


Buying in Bulk

  • Consider your freezer space - For every 25 pounds of packaged beef, you will need about 1 cubic foot of freezer space. Whole Beef -18-22 cubic foot freezer, Half Beef -10-12 cubic foot freezer.
  • Decide on which cuts you would like to have - When you order a half or whole, we will work through options from either our standard cutting or your customization.
  • What is your budget? - Depending on the animal and processing specifications, total meat quantity will vary…as well as the cost. Understand that your total cost will be the processed meat weight and the processing fee. This fee will vary depending on your order. We will work with you on figuring the total of your beef.
  • Whole: 732-915 hanging weight pounds x $5.43/lb. = approximately $4023.44-$5016.80 and of that about $673.44-$841.80 for processing.
  • Half: 366-457 hanging weight pounds x $5.43/lb. = approximately $2011.72-$2508.40 and of that about $336.72-420.90 for processing.
  • Process Meat going into your freezer: Whole – 490-613 lbs., Half- 245-306 lbs.
  • Price per lb. going into freezer: $8.10 per lb. ( Hamburger, Steaks, Roast, Etc.)

Five Oaks Farm Promotions

When customers purchase a beef package, customers will receive one of the following: Two (2) farm T-shirts with our logo, One (1) farm T-shirt, and One (1) farm hat with our logo.

Referral Program

After customers purchase one beef package, refer someone who purchases from Five Oaks Farm and if they mention your name we will give you 10% off your live weight bill on your next purchase.

At the End of Each Year Drawing

Around December 8th, we will have a drawing for those who have purchased during that calendar year and returned our survey about our beef and services for a chance to win $100.

When customers purchase at least a half package of beef over three years, customers will receive one of the following:

  1. Two (2) - YETI RAMBLER 10 OZ WINE TUMBLER WITH MAGSLIDER LID with our logo ($50 Value).
  2. Two (2) - ORCA VINO with our farm logo ($50 Value).
  3. One (1) - ORCA STAINLESS STEEL CHASER CAFE 20 OZ WITH CLEAR LID with our logo ($35 Value).
  4. One (1) - YETI RAMBLER 14 OZ MUG WITH MAGSLIDER LID with our logo ($30 value).

When customers make a purchase consecutively for five (5) years of at least a half beef package, customers will receive one of the following:

  1. A YETI TUNDRA 35 HARD COOLER with our logo ($250 Value).
  2. An ORCA NAVY 26 QUART with our logo ($250 Value).

What Customers Are Saying

“Great family, very tender beef, Love their customer service”
- D. Aguirre

“Got more Beef than we expected.”
- R. Knight

“Wonderful Customer service, cannot wait till my next order comes in”
- G. Duncan

“I will not buy from the store again. Love the taste of their Beef”
- T. Knight

“Taste wonderful”
- F. Moon

“Great tasing Beef”
- M. Brown

“We cannot wait to get our next beef from them, we already order two”
- M. Eldridge

“Love the taste of their steaks”
- K. Sandlin

Thank You

Thank you for your interest in Five Oaks Farm. We are glad you stopped by. Please contact us today with questions or for additional information. We look forward to hearing from you.
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